Amazon Customer Returns Lots & Pallets

Each year, consumers nationwide return millions of dollars of merchandise back to Amazon.   Reasons can range from buyer's remorse to improper functioning. While this places a financial strain on Amazon, it can mean big profits for individual resellers like yourself. 

Here, we will be detailing just how you can acquire Amazon customer return lots and pallets. Not only can you make great income by reselling these items, but you can also help our environment in the process by preventing the destruction and/or disposal of a wide range of consumer goods. 

How Exactly Do I Purchase Amazon Returns?

Through retail partnerships, wholesale and liquidation companies such as DesignerBrandBOX acquire return goods in large quantities. They are then able to pass those acquisitions to resellers like you. 

Because our company in particular was created in the everyday reseller in mind, we are able to offer return wholesale lots of all sizes and for all budgets. 

All Amazon customer return lots can be found on our Members Only Access Wholesale Lots page. Here, you can browse a selection of pre-selected lots or even build your own from desired items in our inventory database. 

To get started, simply browse our lots and select the best Amazon lot to fit your needs. If you aren't currently a member and don't have access, simply register for an account -- it's FREE!

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Once you've registered, check out this CNBC video on how Amazon Returns work.  It's pretty mind-blowing.